The Best Work With Mecho


Since 1969 the architectural and design community has trusted Mecho to deliver the highest quality and most innovative products for solar control. When you want the best, you work with the best. The best work with Mecho. 

Full spectrum of shading solutions includes:
• Configurations and models for atypical fenestration where
unusual shade geometries are mandated.
• Ideal solutions for abnormal or unusual window-opening
• Shades for sloped, large, and stationary conditions and
wide, curved expanses for draperies.
• Technically advanced automation features.
• Any and every window configuration for protection from
direct solar gain and intense sun glare.


Manual Shades

Chain-driven MechoShade® roller screens are part of the most comprehensive manual solar protection and room-darkening system available. They feature ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® (visually-transparent sunscreens and room-darkening shades), a full range of hardware options for manual shading (including multi-band operation with one drive chain), and our Lifetime Limited Warranty with 100% replacement and no depreciation over the life of the warranty.

Motorized Shades

ElectroShade® provides the ideal solution for inaccessible high bays, executive spaces, conference and training facilities, and other public areas. From the boardroom, to 40-foot-tall exhibition areas, there are ElectroShade solutions that meet your client’s criteria. ElectroShades into lighting, BMS, A/V, and fully automated controls systems.

A unique, two-layer insulating shading system:
• Can include: (1) a solar screen shadecloth on the room side,
with (2) tinted MirroFilm™ Mylar® or a blackout shadecloth
on the window side.
• Provides a single tube, which accommodates a
double-layer band with a SnapLoc® spline for
easy removal. 

Monumental shades
An adaptive shading system:
• Necessary for effective shading in areas with very
large windows.
• Using powerful ElectroShade® motors.

Sloped shades
A distinct and effective shading system:
• Includes side guide wires with a roller tube—like
bottom-up shades—to map the movement of shades and
to precisely follow slope angles.
• Provides smooth operation for flat or soft-fold shadecloths.

Bottom-up shades
A flexible shading system:
• Operates in the same manner—but with a roller tube at
the bottom—as other MechoSystems shades.
• Provides a necessary solution for privacy requirements on
the lower floors of a building, especially the ground floor.
• Includes side guide wires to map shades of all shapes
and sizes.

A set of horizontally traversing shadecloth panels:
• Provides a simple and clean alternative to roller shades.
• Operates in a smooth and succinct motion.
• Offers the functionality of a room or area divider as well as a window covering.

Fixed shades
A static window covering:
• Is suitable for almost any shadecloth type or
window geometry.
• Provides solar protection and natural-light distribution in
circumstances not able to be accommodated by
traditional roller shades.

SkyLighter® shades
A well-engineered shading system:
• Reduces heat gain and glare, which transmit
through skylights.
• Offers a flat or soft-folded alternative to fully drawn
(or closed) shades.
• Accommodates a wide range of shapes, angles,
and sizes.



WhisperTrac® motorized drapery-track system
A sophisticated drapery-track system:
• Offers a choice of two ultra-quiet, powerful motors.
• Integrates with IR, RS-232, and RS-485 control devices
along with IQ® switches, and a ZigBee® PRO-based
MechoRF™ receiver.
• Accommodates heavy-weight C.O.M. shadecloth up to
58 ft (17.5m) long.
• Provides a flexible track that can be curved to the
industry’s tightest radius—8 in. (20cm)